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Hedge Fund product introduction

No.1 fund: World-renowned US multi-strategy hedge fund (Market Neutral, US Dollar Denominated)


  • Aim for performance that is not easily affected by the financial market environment by stabilizing returns through a diversified investment strategy.
  • With over 20 years of fund management performance, the fund has achieved stable returns by keeping risks relatively low.
  • It is characterized by emphasizing the relative monthly win rate rather than the absolute profit amount of a single month and suppressing the loss amount of the lost month.

Fund returns / risks

No.2 fund: Global Investment Equity Long / Short Fund (Market Neutral, US Dollar Denominated)


  • Long / short strategy of long bias targeting emerging companies in developed countries by the world's largest management company.
  • Focus on companies that are less dependent on financing and have cash flow generation capacity, and invest in stocks of companies (regardless of capital size) in the early stages of the business life cycle.
  • Aiming for investment performance that is not easily affected by the financial market environment through an investment strategy that has the potential to raise stock prices over the medium to long term and also has resistance to declines.

Fund returns / risks

Investment simulation

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Future assets under management


Calculate the amount of money you will receive each year
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