How to select a hedge fund

  • How to select a hedge fund
<How to choose a hedge fund>

Q: Is a hedge fund an attractive investment?

A: Hedge funds have a policy of investment and management professionals making full use of various financial methods and technologies to achieve high returns and reduce risk.Overseas, such as the United States and Europe, it is being used mainly by wealthy people and institutional investors, but the hurdles for the minimum investment amount are high, and it seems that there are still few financial institutions in Japan that handle it.

Q: What do you need to consider when choosing a hedge fund?

A: We will consider investment performance / profit, investment scale / period, investment manager / expert, research / research system, investment target products, investment strategy / method, etc.From the viewpoint of cost and cashability, we will pay attention to management fee, tax, minimum transaction amount, placement format, cancellation / redemption / liquidity, financial market / economic trends, risk management, management company form / system, and the regulations of the authorities.

Recently, as uncertainty in the global economy has increased, the global financial and securities markets have tended to become more closely linked. There is a need for investment products that are resistant to market fluctuations and can respond to both rising and falling prices, and the market environment is attracting attention to "market-neutral hedge funds.

Kuni Umi AI Securities has notified the Financial Services Agency of a world-renowned hedge fund of foreign nationality. And we handle it as a financial product mainly for retail customers in Japan, based on the segregated management of customers’ investment funds.