Investment banking(M&A Advisory)

  • Product Service
  • Investment banking(M&A Advisory)
  • A small team of professionals from major securities companies, investment companies, and business companies
  • Access to domestic listed companies, PE(Private Equity)funds, and networks with Greater China companies
  • In addition to the TOB agent business, we can also provide comprehensive services such as financial / tax due diligence and legal due diligence in collaboration with the shareholder OAG group.
Service contents
  • Cases that require time and effort, such as reorganizing subsidiaries of major companies
  • Dealing with and negotiating acquisitions and investments in Japanese companies by overseas companies
  • Auction projects that assume potential buyers in China, South Korea, the United States, etc., even on a small scale
  • Sale of patent portfolio assuming overseas buyer candidates
  • Business succession / inheritance / liquidation
  • Expansion into the Chinese market and withdrawal / liquidation projects of local subsidiaries in China
  • Other projects: Solar power, business planning and financing at startup, etc.
Excerpts of achievements in charge(including Kuni Umi Group)
  • Subsidiary sale auction project of a major listed company(seller advisor)

    Listed, consulted, and negotiated with over 40 potential buyers in Japan and overseas(including Asia and the United States)

  • Subsidiary business carve-out project of a major listed company(seller advisor)

    Listed, consulted, and negotiated with more than 10 potential buyers in Japan

  • Global sale auction of patent portfolio of technology company(seller advisor)

    Listed, consulted, negotiated, accepted patent due diligence, etc. of more than 30 buyer candidates in Japan and overseas

  • Investment in financial instruments business operator(advisor on the overseas buyer company side)

    Listed acquisition targets of less than 10 companies in Japan, consulted, negotiated, and provided due diligence support

  • Acquisition of a semiconductor parts company(advisor on the overseas buyer company side)

    Conducted preliminary survey and risk analysis on full support and foreign capital regulation based on the auction process

  • Digital securities, business planning of customs brokers, financing support(issuer advisor)

    Conducted simple in-house due diligence, created business plans, consulted and negotiated support for potential investors(venture capitals, operating companies, etc.), and arranged each expert (auditing firm, lead managing underwriter)