How to apply for a hedge fund

  • How to apply for a hedge fund
<Flow from account opening to contract>

Please note that the actual transaction should be done through a sales representative.

I'm interested in hedge funds and would like to hear an explanation.

Explanation of general hedge funds and introduction of our company.

What is a hedge fund? We will explain.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about hedge funds.


account opening.
In-house examination.
We will examine the suitability of your investment.
I would like to hear a more detailed explanation of the hedge fund we handle and consider purchasing it.
Product description of hedge funds.
We will explain the specific contents with product explanation materials and prospectuses (Information Memorandums).
Purchase application.
Please fill in the prescribed documents.
Transfer of purchase funds.
You can transfer in either yen or dollars.
Mailing of documents
After payment, we will send you a "flow after application" and "payment confirmation".
We will send you a “Transaction Report” after the contract.