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Promoting SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) goals and ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) investment toward the realization of a Sun-Based economy through the unification of knowledge and action

We, the Kuni Umi Group, have been financing, developing and managing renewable energy for 10 years, aiming to realize a "Sun-Based Economy" through the unification of knowledge and action. The Sun-Based Economy is an ecosystem that utilizes renewable energy from the blessings of the sun, saves money through Japan's efficiency technology, and secures the water, food, and environment that humankind needs. We aim for the sustainable growth of human society and coexistence and co-prosperity with the global environment, in line with the idea of SDGs and ESG investment established by the United Nations.

Yasuyo Yamazaki,
Chairman of Kuni Umi AI Securities Co. Ltd.
Yasuyo Yamazaki