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  • What is Kuni Umi AI Securities?
  • Strengths of Kuni Umi Group
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Kuni Umi's strengths~
One-stop service

Group companies have a wide range of businesses, and in addition to financial business such as investment and asset management, renewable energy infrastructure, and game business experience, we can provide one-stop services within the group such as financial and tax management related services.

  • In addition to the face-to-face brokerage business, we also handle non-traditional investment products such as hedge funds.
  • We have multiple achievements in various industries such as domestic and overseas M&A advisory, business planning consulting, etc.
  • We are developing SDGs investment and operation business including solar power generation and wind power generation.
  • The shareholder group is a group of professional teams that strive for business synergies such as support services and inheritance consultation.