Characteristics and misunderstandings of
hedge funds

  • Characteristics and misunderstandings of hedge funds
What are the characteristics of hedge fund investment?
Is it misunderstood by investors?
<About hedge funds>

Hedge fund investment is not absolute, but it is said to be suitable for long-term investment because it is not easily affected by the market price of financial markets and is managed with compound interest.In addition to pension funds incorporating hedge funds into their portfolios, it seems that some foundations and school corporations also have included hedge funds into their portfolios.Isn't it one of the reasons that the operation is left to professionals? Compound interest management makes a big difference in investment returns.

<Differences between hedge funds and investment trusts>

As you'll hear in the news, why are hedge funds not generally known? It is treated as a private placement rather than a public offering, and private placements may not be able to advertise at all.Also, unlike investment trusts, hedge fund management information is not disclosed to the public.

Hedge funds are less liquid than investment trusts, and the base price of investment trusts is disclosed daily in newspapers, while the net asset value (NAV) of hedge funds is basically reported once a month.

<Misunderstanding of hedge funds>

Hedge funds seem to have an image of high risk and high return. But it seems that many market-neutral hedge funds have positively managed except in 2008 during Lehman Shock.Of course, there is demand for high-risk, high-return products, so there are such hedge funds as well.

There is a misunderstanding that only a limited number of people can purchase in Japan, and the high purchase price is also a psychological barrier.Hedge funds are thought to have a minimum purchase price of 100 million yen to 1 billion yen. However, by utilizing various investment schemes and overseas platforms, you can purchase from hundreds of thousands of dollars (excluding fees).

<Proposal for hedge fund investment from Kuni Umi AI Securities>

Kuni Umi AI Securities handles hedge funds and can be purchased by individual investors and general investors such as companies and corporations.Why don't you leave the management to professionals and leave it to long-term management without worrying about the market trend by using the contract platform that can access the hedge fund?